Hi all...

I have a small problem here !!!
I have a page where i have given an option to download a windows media file
(.asf /.wma).There are two options - one to stream the file at the server
(using windows media server) and the second to download the same !!
My problem is that when i click on the download link, the windows media
player opens automatically and starts playing the file without giving the
option to save it...The dirtiest way out is to tell the user to right click
on the link and say 'save target as...' but there definitely must be neater

I tried using the WebClient class of the System.Net namespace, which has
DownloadFile method. This method takes in the path to which the file has
be downloaded as one of the parameters. Is there any control in ASPX which
can be used by the user for picking the path where the file has to be

Thanks and Regards,