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Thread: Session Timeout

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    Constance J. Petersen Guest

    Re: Session Timeout

    Hi Eric,

    "Eric Dillard" <eric@seisystems.com> wrote in message
    > Is there anyway to tell when session has timeout.

    When a visitor starts a session with your Web application, ASP.NET creates an
    HttpSessionState object, which it maintains until the session is abandoned or
    times out. The HttpSessionState.Abandon method cancels the session immediately
    and the HttpSessionState.Timeout property (normally 20 minutes, but set in the
    Web.config file) controls the number of minutes that the server will maintain
    the session with no further requests from the visitor.

    When the session times out or is abandoned, the Session_End event handler
    executes. So you could put code there to handle the timeout.
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    Eric Dillard Guest

    Session Timeout


    Is there anyway to tell when session has timeout.

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