Here is my code for binding the data to dropdownlist box: Everything works

but my date from sql returns as "4/1/1999 12:00:00 AM", I could not format
this in my sql but having trouble in sorting order

So I saw DataTextFormatString property: But I don't know how to use this to
display my data as "4/1/1999" Can anybody help me.

sqlString = "exec usp_pdflistreportsdatelist 'Reddy' "
sqlClass.sqlExecute(sqlString, sqlreader) ' This is my sql class
doing all the sql connections and stuff and returns datareader

cmbReportDate.DataTextField = "reportdate"
cmbReportDate.DataValueField = "reportdate"

'cmbReportDate.DataTextFormatString() ????????????

sqlClass.sqlExecute(sqlString, sqlreader)
cmbReportDate.DataSource = sqlreader