I have a problem with the deploying my Web Application which I have
developed in ASP.NET (Web Application) in my Local Computer in which I type
http://localhost/MywebApplication.aspx in my browser to access it.Now My
question is, I want to move my Web Application to the Web Server(IIS) which
is in the Network.I tried to copy the Folder which is Automatic created by
the Application in Root Directory(C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\MyWebApplication) to
the Network Server (Web Server) but is not working.Can anyone please help
me what are the Steps, coz My people wants to access it at any time and
I use to Switch off my Computer after working Hours so I have to put my Web
Application to the Server.
Your Quick prompt in this will highly Appreciated.Coz I'm in the
middle of nowhere.
Thank you in advance
Salim Busaidi.(Computer Programmer)