Dear friends,

I am having a hard time developing this new program.

I have to create a container class to hold a Max. of 50 videos.
2) create a menu class with the following items.
a) Enter a film
b) Delete a film
c) Find a film
d( end the program( the easier of the 4)

In my last program I had nothing inside my ctor and I am now wondering if
to do this one I have to place all the contents in my ctor to blank, for
example if it were a string I would place "" , int (0),inside to start then
when I added a new film it would go into the first sector of my array which
will now hold MAX 50 films. Is that correct?

I was wondering if anyone had an example of how to Create a container class
to hold a maximum of 50 videos & How do I overload the ctor?

just wondering if someone had examples of how to go about doing this sort
of thing? If anyone can help me out here I would greatly appreciate it!

Take care & thanks in advance,

PS: struggling & working hard...............I shall prevail!