Dear friends,

I am trying to build this program although I cannot perform this thing
called a container class?
I am trying to create a container class that can hold a Maximum of 3 films.
I must create a menu class with the following items in it:
(a) Enter a new film
(b) Delete a film
(c) Find a particular film
(d) End the program

Would these be my member functions OR would I build a switch case select
do this???
I am completely lost here,,please someone help me out?
My menu class has to be a member of the container, only I have a hard time
understanding what a container class is.

Can someone please help me out here? Just looking for some kind of push
the right direction as to how I should start this. I am reading this VC++
book I have and I cannot seem to find out anything about container classes.
Can some one please help, either with an example or verbal texts. perhaps
their is an online tutorial concerning my problem out there that I am
unaware of???

Thanks in advance,

VC++ beginner