I am wondering if someone have an idea on the problem that i am having...

Here is my situation:

I am running in a dual processor and a visual c++ application/service written
for NT.

I am encoutering a c0000005 (Dr.Watson) with the following function stack
and bombing finally on NS80.DLL (as illustrated).

-function stack-
NS80! 0144041d()
NS80! 01431848()
NS80! 0143149c()
NNG80! 015061bc()
NNCI80! 014f518f()
NNFG80! 014e12a7()
NNFG80! 014e1065()
NNFG80! 014e1500()
NNFG80! 014e2416()
NNFG80! 014e2240()
NI80! 015e6100()
NI80! 015e7104()
ORA805! 012bed71()
ORA805! 012ca4ba()
ORA805! 012ca4e8()
ORA805! 012cc9e8()
ORA805! 012cd8a8()
ORA805! 01291544()
ORA805! 012644a0()
OCIW32! 01091e3b()
MSVCRT! 7800265a()
KERNEL32! 77f04ee8()

Any help is appreciated...