What is the best method to keep a client side informed of the backend processing.
The situation is I have 1 to 10 different sites that this central application
is going to fire off. The user will check 1 to 10 sites to process the bills
for. All the processing is done inside some stored procedures. In VB you
can fire off asynchronous execution from the front-end can you in ASP?

What I want is: Is Screen 1 select sites 1 to 10, submit request. Start
connecting to each site and fire off SPs. Screen 2 will have a check list
of selected sites and will refresh every x seconds. That check list will
be updated with sites that have completed. Screen 3 will bring the user
into the next step of processing. I can't let them continue until screen
2 is finished.

If asp can't do this, what would be an alternative to this approach? The
user selects these sites and each site could take up to 15 minutes estimated
to process completely.