I have designed an ASPX web page that contains 3 frames: header, left side
navbar, and main frame. I am using Forms Authentication with a SQL database
to store the info. The RedirectFromLoginPage works great when authentication
is approved. I have a "Sign Out" button on the navbar frame that calls FormsAuthentication.SignOut,
which kills the authentication cookie and then redirects the user back to
the login page.

Here's the problem: I want the entire page to go back to the Login page,
but only the Navbar frame gets redirected - the other 2 frames stay the same.
And if I refresh either of the other 2 frames, it then loads its own instance
of the Login page because the cookie is gone.

How do I get the entire set of 3 frames to be replaced by the initial login
page instead of just one frame getting the page instance?

By the way, if I just hit F5 or hit the Refresh button up on the toolbar
of the browser, it does reload the entire page into the Login Page. It's
just in the Click Event of the Sign Out button that the problem occurs.

Thanks in advance.