I have been programming in QuickBacic for a long time (unfourtionetly). I
was wondering the c++ equivalent of STR$(), VAL(), MID$(), LEFT$, and RIGHT$().

With STR$() you give it a string and ir returns it as a number, so "He has
$50." would get rewurned as 50.

VAL() turns a number into a string (it is the opposite of STR$).

MID$(a$, b, c) a$ is a string, b is the legnth of the string that you want
and c is where it starts, so MID$("Hello world!", 5, 7) would return "world".

LEFT$(a$, b) a$ is the string and b is how much of the string off of the
left side you want, so LEFT$("Hello world!", 5) would return "Hello"

RIGHT$(a$, b) does the same as LEFT$(a$, b) except it copies off of the right
side. RIGHT$("Hello world!", 6) returns "world!"

I hope this is understandable. Thank you. Lego_Boy@juno.com