I'm trying to make a small little program with borland Visual C++ builder
4, but am not to good with the visual side of things.

I have the form created and have 2 panels side by side, one side has 4 pictures
on it, (small), and the other has one big picture on it.
I'm trying to make it work in such a way that when I click one of the small
pictures on the left hand side, it will appear as the big picture on the
right hand side.

I'm tried stuff like

Image1 -> Picture.Data = { 0A544A504547 etc..... };

but I can't seam to be able to get it to work right, as you might have guessed
I have used the 'images tab' in the 'Additional' section on Borland builder,
and it has stored all the jpg's in a 'object Image1: TImage', 'object Image2:
TImage' like fashion., if some one could help I would be very greatful.