I have a web control in 2 places on a page.

The first one a user enters data (First\Last Name etc)
The second one a user must click as search button that brings up a search
window the user then enters data selects search and picks a record from the
result set. The user clicks post back and the data appears in the second
control. This is all done through Javascript to prevent an un needed trip
to the server.

The user clicks a server button for a third web user control. The page makes
a trip back to the server the server populates that third user control and
returns to the user.

The problem is the second user control is wiped clean of data. The first
user control which happens to be identical the information is maintained.

My question in summary is what is the difference between populating a user
control through javascript versues someone entering data through the keyboard?
What do I need to do in javascript to trigger that same caching ability?