I have a couple of web pages and all controls on the web page are included
in a DIV tag. i.e., I created a DIV tag first and then started inserting
each control into this tag. When user changes the View-TextSize-largest this
method of DIV tag helps in adjusting the font sizes etc (otherwise the fonts
all get screwed with labels falling one over the other). The hyperlinks inside
the DIV tag do not fire sometimes and do fire sometimes. I also use session
variables and all the code and variables are showing no errors. Session timeout
is set at 20.

I MUST use smartNavigation to have the radio buttons fire and run a code
on CBC C# file. Everything is fine except that the controls do not fire.
Wonder also is that, on the same page some controls fire and some do not.
All properties of firinig control are identical as the control that does
not fire except name etc. I replaced the DIV with SPAN and the problem remains
the same. Autopost back IS TRUE for all controls also.

Any help is greatly appreciated. I am way behind my project already. :-(