Hi everyone,

How would I access the properties of a custom class I've developed once
instances of that class are added within a .NET collection, specifically an

Here's what I'm doing:

public class Order
private string fname,lname;
public string FName { get { return fname; } }
public string LName { get { return lname; } }

public Order(string first,string last)
this.fname = first;
this.lname = last;

ArrayList arr = new ArrayList();
arr.Add(new Order("Jason","Salas"));
arr.Add(new Order("Bart","Simpson"));
arr.Add(new Order("Andrew","Dice Clay"));

My question is how would I programmatically get a refernence to one of the
Order objects in arr, so that I access and use its propety values?

I'm not sure this would work:


Got any ideas?