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Thread: ASP.NET - IE6 is not displaying WebServer Control.

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    Sajjad Haider Guest

    ASP.NET - IE6 is not displaying WebServer Control.

    Dear Visitors,

    I have problem that it is not showing the Web Server Controls but
    it is executing HTML Server Controls. I am using Windows XP and have installed
    IIS 5.1 & IE6 but it is giving me problem.

    <asp:TextBox ID="lblCopyRight" Runat="server" Width="304px"> Copyright &#169;
    Wrox Press 2001-03 Sajjad </asp:TextBox>

    And I am accessing this in C# or VB.NET but in IE6 or Visual Studio.Net
    Internal browser is not showing me these controls.

    Is there is any setting or configuration problem.

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    Phil Weber Guest

    Re: ASP.NET - IE6 is not displaying WebServer Control.

    Sajjad: See if this helps:
    Phil Weber

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