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    Tracey Guest

    Using ASP to get content from another web page

    Hi, everyone.

    I would like to use ASP to pull information from a web page and post it on
    mine. It is in the same place daily -- in this case it is a headline and
    I would like to link to the story on the other page using the headline from
    the other page (for example, my page "Tracey's Page" would like to pull the
    headline off cnn.com and post it on my page, allowing my user to link to
    that story on cnn's web page).

    I would like this to update real time -- ie., I don't want to write it to
    a file and then read it out daily....I'd like for it to be grabbed each time
    the user logs on to "Tracey's Page". Any ideas??? I have 2 ASP books, the
    MSDN and a VB book and haven't had any luck...you guys are my last hope

    Thanks in advance,

    p.s. If not ASP, how?

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    Adrian Forbes Guest

    Re: Using ASP to get content from another web page

    You'll need a COM component that can use HTTP to grab the content of a URL.
    Something like ASPHTTP or ASPTear should do. http://www.serverobjects.com
    You could also try writing your own. Once you get the contents of the URL
    in a file you just parse that URL and display your Headline.

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