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Thread: DCOM + ASP

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    Sushil Guest

    DCOM + ASP

    I need to call DCOM from Asp file, any ideas?

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    Joel Ryan Guest

    Re: DCOM + ASP

    I've never tried it before but can't you just put the proper registry
    entries on the server and then create it will CreateObject. As far as I
    know, you should be able to use DCOM transparently, just like normal

    -- Joel

    Sushil wrote:

    > I need to call DCOM from Asp file, any ideas?

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    Inam Ul Haq Guest

    Re: DCOM + ASP

    Create the object on asp with 'server' object.

    call "server.createObject(--component name--)"

    Note: the component must be registered with the machine first.


    "Sushil" <sagalchik@hotmail.com> wrote:
    >I need to call DCOM from Asp file, any ideas?

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