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Thread: Buttons

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    jojs Guest


    How do you create a button on the screen using only C++, not MFC?

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    Khaled Guest

    Re: Buttons

    I believe there is no GUI libraries in Standard C++,
    there is a library called Qt (maybe u can download it from the internet)
    that provides GUI libraries, I read that it works on many platforms (Linux,
    Unix, Windows, Macintosh) check : http://www.trolltech.com/ or http://www.trolltech.com/products/qt/
    .. if ur working on KDE for Linux, u can find support for Qt development
    if u use KDevelop .

    also check www.gtk.org , they say it is free, and is a toolkit for creating
    GUI's and is multi-platform, I never tried it but am planning to

    "jojs" <NULL@NULL.com> wrote:
    >How do you create a button on the screen using only C++, not MFC?

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