I have a big HTML form that I have broken up into 2 pages. What I am doing
is that when the user fills in the first page (and completes any
validation), adds the data to an Access database, and then redirects to page
2. When the users finishes page 2, it adds the data from page 2 to the
previously created recordset. Here's a diagram of what I mean:

<form action="db.asp?pg=1" ...> <form action="db.asp?pg=2"
+------------+ +--------+<-----------+------------+
+ Page1.htm +------>+ db.asp +----------->+ Page2.htm +
+------------+ +--------+ +------------+

The only problem I can forsee is if that the user never completes page 2,
there will be an incomplete record in the database. What I would like to
do, somehow is use the transaction methods in ADO to preserve the table.
I'm using disconnected recordsets, etc. I know I could use session
variables, but those are evil. Anyone know how can do what I want to do?


Dave Kraft
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