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    Dave Kraft Guest

    Netscape - javascript issues

    Hi, all.

    I've got an ASP page that uses the scripting object model, and has some
    client-side javascript, that calls the submit method of the form when the
    value of various list boxes change.

    When I change the vale of a list box, the statusbar says that there's a
    javascript error. I type 'javascript:' in the location box, and the console
    shows up saying that 'thisForm' is not defined (the command its trying to
    execute is thisForm.submit(), and looking at the grayed-out form tag, I
    see that, yes, thisForm is the name of the form.

    I've also tried using a regular form, setting the name to 'thisForm', and I
    get the same JavaScript error.

    Note: This page works flawlessly on IE.

    Any suggestions/ideas??
    (No, switching to IE is not an option.. the client captures browser types
    used, and says that 40% of the visitors to the site (not necessarily to this
    page) use Netscape)

    Dave Kraft
    TSR Solutions, Inc.
    My views aren't necessarily my employer's

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    Dave Kraft Guest

    Re: Netscape - javascript issues

    Also, if I don't change any of the list boxes, and fill in the form, and
    then click submit, default.htm is loaded. What is supposed to happen is
    that the same ASP page comes back, with results filled in.

    The reason I have to submit whenever certain list boxes change is that other
    listboxes & textboxes have to change depending on the value of the changed

    Feel free to take a look at the page:

    Dave Kraft
    TSR Solutions, Inc.
    My views aren't necessarily my employer's.

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    Dave Kraft Guest

    Re: Netscape - javascript issues

    Solved my own problem..
    First, with the javascript error, Netscape wanted it
    and I was doing some other things that Netscape considered "no-no's"..


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