Hi, all.

I've got an ASP page that uses the scripting object model, and has some
client-side javascript, that calls the submit method of the form when the
value of various list boxes change.

When I change the vale of a list box, the statusbar says that there's a
javascript error. I type 'javascript:' in the location box, and the console
shows up saying that 'thisForm' is not defined (the command its trying to
execute is thisForm.submit(), and looking at the grayed-out form tag, I
see that, yes, thisForm is the name of the form.

I've also tried using a regular form, setting the name to 'thisForm', and I
get the same JavaScript error.

Note: This page works flawlessly on IE.

Any suggestions/ideas??
(No, switching to IE is not an option.. the client captures browser types
used, and says that 40% of the visitors to the site (not necessarily to this
page) use Netscape)

Dave Kraft
TSR Solutions, Inc.
My views aren't necessarily my employer's