I've written a simple shopping cart to hold domain names and lengths (years)
for a domain registration site. I've done it with Arrays and Sessions, but
now after reading many articles on sessions I feel so guilty!

Would cookies be a better plan? How would I store an array in a cookie?
Would a Dictionary Object be a better idea?

Here is my code right now:

Dim i ' A Counter
Dim arrCart(50,1) ' The Cart Array
Dim iCart ' Tells How Many
(UBound(arrCart) always = 50)

For i = 0 to iCart
arrCart(i,0) = Session("arrCart(" & i & ",0)")
arrCart(i,1) = Session("arrCart(" & i & ",1)")
Is there an easier way to do this? I have a felling that if I do this with
cookies, it will create a cookie for each item in the cart which would limit
the amount of items to 20 for many users.

Any help would be REALLY appreciated!

Thanks so much,

Bradley Dean