Good day, all -

Currently, our app has a number of included .inc files which are included
into a number of ASPs, and contain standard functions accessing a COM component.
There has recently been the requirement to host the database on another server
beyond the firewall, and due to reasons too complicated to go into, the COM
component will have to be put on the server near to the database.

In effect, this means that the included file will have to be put onto this
remote server. Unfortunately, using standard ASP, this is impossible.

However, I have recently read about something called Remote Scripting, which
roughly sounds like what I am looking for. Unfortunately, all the examples
only talk about a situation where the the client is a browser, and the server
is a webserver. Can anybody tell me whether Remote Scripting will work between

Otherwise, there is a method which I dimly remember being mentioned in an
issue of MIND, about 2-3 years ago. In this example, a component could be
used to suck the HTML from a particular ASP page into a string. You could
subsequently manipulate this so that you could insert HTML produced by the
remote page in any way you seemed fit. Sadly, I cannot find any reference
to any such component. Does anyone know of this?

Finally, I suppose I could write a simple VB component wrapping up a couple
of INET functions. Does this seem a good idea?

I will take any suggestions.


Mark Alexander Bertenshaw
Prime Response