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Thread: develop & deploy web services with java

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    Unhappy develop & deploy web services with java

    Hi guys, I'm trying to develop and deploy a web service using a java platform. In particular, starting from a WSDL file, i would generate a java interface that i implement and i would to find a way to generate a stub between the WSDL file i wrote and the code, using an open source tool. I have used AXIS, GLUE and JWSDK 1.3 yet, but there isn't a clear method to bind my WSDL file with the java implementation. Please help me, thanx Alessia

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    Hi Alessia,

    I have a little bit of experience with the jwsdp, version 1.3. Meaning three days of struggling with a Java client for a Web service. There was an existing version built in the 1.2 environment. But version 1.3 has problems.

    One way is to generate the stubs using wscompile. This is the static approach. The dynamic approach involves building the proxies at runtime, I have not tried that. Look at the documentation for wscompile. I recommend using version 1.2 as one of my colleagues discovered a strange compatibility problem when using 1.3.

    We are now using a BEA tool instead, for the Java client. I hate to mention this, but the whole thing is a no-brainer in C#. ( Our service is written in Java ).


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