Problem with JFrame

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Thread: Problem with JFrame

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    Problem with JFrame

    I want to build a Swing Application simialr to the VC ++ stand alone application.

    in VC++ aplication the ere is a main frame with a title and its own minimize, maximize and cross button.
    just below it there is another frame (VC++ People call it as Document) with its own minimize, maximize and cross button.

    when i click the cross button of the Document, that particulr file gets closed, but the main frame is intact. when i click the cross button of the main frame, the application gets closed.

    this application is just like any microsoft application.

    How can i achieve it in Swings.
    I thought of one solution i.e to put two JFrames , but that is not going to be a good solution.

    Please help me regarding this.

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    Use a JInternalFrame and all it's related classes

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