Hey there,

I am a 1st year IT student & I am currently only learning about Java in this semister of my college year ! However, my lecturer wants an assignment done in Java for this Wednesday March 14th & I would really Love & be so greatful if some one out there who is really good at programming in Java to write this for me mainly coz I know nothing about Java & I have so little time to do it because of having to do other assignments etc...

The lecturer wants a fully executable program that has 3 classes : A Client, A Server and A Datablock Object that runs between the 2 !! The program has 3 TextBoxes and 4 RadioButtons entitled "Add", "Subtract", "Divide" & "Multiply" ! This is so that when the user enters a number into each of the 2 textboxes the result will be places in the 3rd Textbox ! There is also 2 buttons below the 4 radiobuttons entitled "Clear" and "Send" and then underneath that is a JTextArea and then another JButton underneath that entitled "Close" All of these buttons are located within a JFrame and on the Client side of the program ! On the Server there is just a JFrame, a JTextArea and aJButton entitled "Exit" and then there is another class Called ClientServerDatablock that contains all of the communication between the Client & the Server !! The lecturer also wants the Server to be displayed in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen when its running, the Client to be displayed in the top-lefthand corner and the Datablock running in between these two Frames !! So if there is anyone out there who would be willing to do this very small assignment, I would really appreciate it and be forever greatful !! Thank you !!


Syntia !! )