Cannot compile the javax packages

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Thread: Cannot compile the javax packages

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    Mar 2004

    Unhappy Cannot compile the javax packages

    I installed the Netbeans 3.5.1, which uses the JDK 1.4.2.After the installation i tried to run a bean program , which fails to compile saying the package cannot be found. I tried to put the package in the classpath also, but that also failed.
    I experienced similar problem when running Java Mail API's. I beleive that the packages will be internally set by the Netbeans IDE.
    Is there any other way to make them work.
    I use Windows 2000 Professional.

    Thanking You in anticipation,

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    Feb 2004
    i had a problem with packages recently in that they "didn't exist" according to the compiler, even though i'd added the relevant path to the classpath. It turned out that the classpath as java saw it was only loaded once, so if i changed the classpath AFTER java had started then java didn't know about it. After i logged out then back in again it all worked fine. No idea if this will help, but thought i'd share anyway. Hope you sort it out

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