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    Mar 2004

    Java reference help sought.

    Dear friends,

    Would appreciate your good help leading to a web page listing and documenting all of the Java Classes guaranteed to be present in a Java installation. Am using Windos Xp.

    It'd be sort of like a dictionary, for both learning and reference use. Each class and its methods, with a technically complete but brief description, if each has a use example, the better.

    Have downloaded alrady the 30 meg or so documentaion from Sun, but have not yet been able to find such thing. If it's in there, please help as to where.

    Have already two physical books but they are not like a reference manual. Have downloaded one book also, but it follows the style of most modern books in which a lot of useless wording and personal comments are offered. Am used to good old technical complete descriptions of what each element of a language does.

    That's what seems to be the need. Surely there's that somewhere.

    Thanks a lot.

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    Dec 2002
    Are you just looking for the APIs? http://java.sun.com/j2se/1.4.2/docs/api/index.html
    -- Steven

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    Mar 2004
    Yes! Steven.

    What you've provided is exactly what was needed.

    Boy, is java extenssive. Will start looking into java.lang first thing.

    Much appreciation.

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    Mar 2004
    Dear Steve,

    Thanks again.

    Found out IT IS part of the 30MB + download on Java2 documentation.

    It's not in the brick-graph of documentaion, but at the bottom notes.

    A little weird to put the fundamental documentaion at the end, after the more complex stuff, though.

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