Hi everyone,
I have been given a problem in which I have to implement a Trie that stores words.
The important methods of the Trie are:
getAllWords(): returns a String array of all the words in the Trie.
hasWord(String s): returns whether the Trie has s or not
hasPrefix(String p):returns whether the Trie contains p or not.
I have made a TrieNode class. Each TrieNode has an array that stores 27 other TrieNodes(for 26 alphabets, and one to indicate the end of a word).A TrieNode also has a char value.

Can someone pls implement the methods given above for me. I have tried a lot but I couldnt do them. The methods are to be done recursively.
I have to find a solution to this problem by 12 noon tomorrow (apr 4, 12 noon (EST)).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
P.S. the handout for the assignment is attatched with this message.