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    Question How to go about it

    hello all

    i m interested in developing an operating system for mobiles i.e. for cell phones ... if some one can just help me out here by telling me how to go about it i wud be more than greatful . I m interested in knowing what programming language should i use and what site can i get information related to developing the OS.

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    For *all* cellphones? this is way too complicated. I suggest that you first try to focus on a sepcific brand or chipset. Then your experience will enable you to make the original design more generic. However, remember how hard Java designers have had to wrok until this very day to ensure portability, and as hard as they have tried, Java is still a far cry from their ambitious dreams. So what you should explore is the issue of virtual machines because the OS you're referring to will need to run under the native kernel of the device in question. Writing one native OS for all cellular devices is simply impossible -- they have different processors, memory models, machine code and so on.
    Danny Kalev

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