j2me and nokia 9210i

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Thread: j2me and nokia 9210i

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    Mar 2004

    Angry j2me and nokia 9210i

    Hi there

    I've developed an app with wtk2.0 and have deployed it on several phones including the nokia 3510,6310i,6600 etc and Ericsonn P800.

    I want to deploy my midlet on a Nokia 9210i and have installed the necessary midp beta profile on the phone. Unfortunately my app won't run on the phone. I suspect that the 9210i mipd does not have decent support for lists.

    Any one have the same problems, or can anyone help?


    Swart Bees

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    Nov 2003
    lists? do you mean the List container class or is it something else?
    If it's a list container, you can use as a workaround a simple array and debug your app. It's not an ideal solution but it will work. BTW, you'll have to get used to such hacks sooner or later -- mobile development is very primitive compared to state-of-the-art server apps.
    Danny Kalev

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