Hi all,

I have a really neat problem has been racking my brain today. We would like to have a web service build a dataset out of a database, then Cache the dataset so that the web site can then consume the dataset as needed. The problem arrised that even after starting the web service and building the dataset, then launching the web site, the web site acts as if there is nothing in Cache.

After stepping through the code, I'm starting to think that what we store in Cache at the web service is either a) out of scope of the web site, just like the cache for another web site that we host is not available to this particular web site, or b) that as soon as the web service method completes, the cache is cleaned up.

Has anyone been able to store something in cache starting at the web service, then have a web site consume that information? Or should we make the web service return the dataset? Or is there any other better ideas??

Thanks in advance for your time.

James Davidson