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    Apr 2004

    The traps of Linux...&open source software


    I received a very interesting link:

    The Traps of Linux...

    The author argues that open source infrastructure (including development) is much more expensive in long-term calculations. I think there is something true in this position. But my boyfrient thinks the book is scandalous. What do you think about this...?


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    Dec 2003
    I was thinking you would get an avalanche of impassioned responses but perhaps the people in this forum are just tired of the whole thing. I'm not criticizing your question - - it's just that some of us have been listening to the rhetoric of the open source jihadists for years now and we're pretty sick of the whole debate, pro OR con.

    I think you can build perfectly good software in Open Source, Microsoft, and many other environments out there. And yes, each one has vulnerabilities. Certainly Linux wasn't much of a target when it was mainly a hobbyist platform but now that there's "real money" on the table, we can definitely expect to see more attacks on Linux.

    The reality is that the choice of corporate platform is often dependent upon pre-existing hardware and skillsets and to move from one to another is an expensive and risky venture - - not because of the operating system itself, but because of the rebuild of the business applications and the problems associated with managing that sort of project.

    Personally, I can't muster any interest in the debate anymore. I imagine you'll attract some commentary eventually. Or try posting your question on a few other forums. The conversation here seems to be pretty focused on the "nuts and bolts" and the grand philosophical debates are left to other forums.

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    Apr 2004

    true facts

    I think this book is interesting, because it is based generally on true facts althougt the conclusions are not undeniable.

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    Jun 2004
    I'm sure there is some truth in the "book". But "the proof is in the pudding". And the pudding show's that the book is full of FUD.

    Want examples? Sure I can give you some.

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    Jun 2004
    Looking into details of this Book, I guess it succeeds in driving the point that there are no free Lunches and while agreeing to this fact I believe world has already witnessed reasons for the Linux movement being a self-contributing and community based.

    There are indeed few good things about Linux other than the fact that its just free and it has arrived as a stable alternative to MS or J2EE Platform, MS platform continues to score when it comes to easier solutions to business problems.

    Let us acknowledge and respect these facts, Anyway as Emg has indicated, its already too much of hue and cry on this matter on most of other forums and people here aren't having craze about this anymore.

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