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    Apr 2004

    servlet + config + blazix

    hey guys,

    I have just started learning JSP. I installed the java compiler and java run time kit from the java.sun.com.
    I am using Blazix Web server (application web server). I have also done all the necessary installation and set-up.
    I can do all of the followinng successfully, testing and creating JSP pages and also creating a JDBC Connnection to the database.
    The problem i am facing is when i have to run the browser by entering the URL to a servlet.
    Apparently, servlets are to be compiled first and then are to be run the browser i did that but still it shows "HTTP 404 error"
    I also searched for the servlet.jar file within the blazix folder which i wasnt successful in locating . I then downloaded the
    "servlet.jar" file from the web and i then re-defined by CLASSPath variable to the servelt.jar file but still i am unsucessful.

    Can anyone pls help me how to go about compiling and running the servlet with Blazix server ?

    Best Regards,

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    May 2004
    Have you ever thought about using ant. It's a great build tool for compiling java applications. Anyway why are you using the Blazix server... I though everybody used tomcat. If you get tomcat I'm sure I can help you.

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