I need help to develop a program which will allwow me to do the following:
determine the drag of five different types of airplanes this is determined by user inputs such as speed(V), drag force(D), coefficient of drag, or drag coefficient, which is unitless(C), area of the plane(A), and air densty(P). The types of planes are as followed: SR-71 Blackbird(s), Cropduster(o), AirlinerTu-134A(l), private jet Yak-40D(y), and the Space ShuttleEndeavor OV-105(e). Variables have to be V,D,C,A,P as part of the formula and s,o,l,y,e as variables to represent the planes.
Formula HAS to be as followed D = (1/2)*C*A*p*(V^2).

Any help that can be given would be greatly appreciated this is very urgent so thanks to anyone who can help.