Hi all,
I am trying to implement state persistence feature to my upcoming project.But where in i am completely uncertain in implementing it as a generic componet, so that every developer in our project can include these classes to implementing this feature in their modules.
State Persistence:State persistence is a process of storing the state of a user and some way of knowing where the user is within the process, as well as having somewhere to store ephemeral application information. Also, if the user suspends a task and then restarts it, their restart location and any other information must be retrievable.
I have done one sample application where i have used two procedures to implementing this.First,Using Database support everytime updating the user related id, Url and state Object in database.Latter on we found that this process is taking min.of two database hits for every page landing.Second, Using session management i used to keep all the details of user in session object and finally i am doing the databse batch updation intead of doing it everytime.This process is ok.But my problem is i want make it as a generic component.Can please guide me in this regard.If any have doubts on my issue,please feel free to ask the same.
Thanks in Advance..

Ravikiran kakarla.