I've written a web based application that keeps track of my personal finances. This application uses Apache, PHP, Postgrestql, Perl, and libcurl to access data on external websites and store it on my local server. However, I hate the idea of having to use PHP and Perl. I'm fairly proficient with both languages, but am eager to try something new. Java seems to be a good way to get rid of PHP, Perl, and libcurl.

My question is this.... How does the long term future of Java look? My perception has been that there has been a "cooling" towards Java lately. I am probably wrong, but I thought I'd ask the experts. The reason I ask is that if I'm going to rewrite thousands of lines of code in addtion to learning a new language, I'd like to know that I'm not wasting my time by using a language that's being used less and less (hopefully not, though).

I don't mean this to sound rude. I'm just seeking opinions from experts.