Combo Box Problem Please help

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Thread: Combo Box Problem Please help

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    May 2004

    Unhappy Combo Box Problem Please help

    Hello All,

    I am new to VB 6 and i am having a problem can someone please help.

    i have a Access 97 Database with 1 table called tblData

    i have made a VB Application to query and update the database

    the problem is i cant get the Combo box and text box to work
    i want to Display all records in the field Phones (text feild) in the combo box

    and when you make the selection it displays the all corrisponding in the field Features (memo field)

    i also have a field PhoneID primary key (autonumber field)

    Can some one help please

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    May 2004
    Hello steve,,,

    I know ur situation...I am also new in Vb6..I am also stuck with combo box problems...
    So, I cannot help you but I have strong believe that someone outhere will help you...

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