I created a program which uses dao35 & jet. It attaches text files, (data files which are used by the program) to an access database created in code and then from the attached files, imports the data into the database. The attached files are updated daily with new data so each time the person runs the program, they re-import the data that the attached files have updated. (The attached files are updated by a separate program created by a data vendor)

This all worked fine until last year when I had to do a work around so that I didn't have to distribute mdac_type2.5 since XP uses dao360 and doesn't include jet and certain data files, with unusual extensions would not attach.

The work around worked for a while but now it has stopped working for those data files again. My 98 windows program must have received some auto update which changed it because the same build which used to work will no longer work.

Now the problem: The program attaches data files with known extensions such as .csv or txt or asc etc., but unrecognized file types with extensions such .lng or whatever other extensions some data vendors may use will only attach if I go into the windows registry, under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Jet\3.5\Engines\Text\DisabledExtensions=!txt,csv,tab ,asc,tmp,htm,html"
and add the unknown file extension to that list:
=!txt,csv,tab,asc,tmp,htm,html,lng" on 98 machines and
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Jet\4.0\Engines\Text\DisabledExtensions=!txt,csv,tab ,asc,tmp,htm,html"
to XP machines.

I was told by one microsoft tech that this feature was created to help security and control viruses.

I could give instructions to people using these unknown file types on how to edit their registry (which people don't like to do) but there would still be 1 problem. There are some data types for this type of data that have NO extensions, just a file name. So in that case, there is no way to edit the registry to allow those files.

Can anyone help me with what I can do with my program to allow these ASCII files to attach regardless of the file extension or lack of file extension?