I am using VB6, SQL Server 2000, and CR10 and recently created an .exe for my application and tried to run on a users machine. I get the following error when I try to preview the crystal report through the application:

Crystal Report Viewer
Logon Failed
Details: IM002 [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Data source name not found and no default driver specified.

The .exe works fine on the development machine which has SQL server 2000, CR 10 and VS 6.0 installed.

I setup user and system DSN's in the Administrative Tools --> Data Sources (ODBC) --> ODBC Data Source Administrator, to point to the SQL database that the program is using but still get the error.

When I create the package, I get a message that the Package and Deployment Wizard cannot find the following crystal .dll's on my machine:

exlate32.dll - (Crystal HTML translator)
u2dapp.dll - (Used for exporting)
u2dpost.dll - (MS Exchange public folders export)
u2fcr.dll - (Report export format for DLL)
u2fsepv.dll - (Seperated values export format)
u2fxml.dll - (XML export format)
Unicows.dll - (Not needed;only for windows 9X PC's)

I looked through crystal's help file runtime.chm and found the above descriptions for the .dll's and I don't think that the program will need to include all of these.

I found the missing .dll's on my machine but they are in .cab files and I cannot access them. I assume that if I had the .dll's included in my pakcage that my problem would be fixed.

Also, I think that there should be a way for the app to run on user's machine w/o having to install all of development software (VS 6, CR10 & Sql Server 2000).

Has anyone run across a similar error or can anyone explain to me where I can obtain these missing .dll's or if that is even the real issue here.

Thanks so much,