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    javascript: void (null);//print preview

    Hard drive crashed and I replaced it and reinstalled Windows 2000 Pro. I subscribe to a science journal search engine that sites current articles. Within this search engine they have a print preview box that puts any full text article in printable format. It used to work on the old hard drive but now does not on my new hard drive. It gives the message of the subject above along the task bar at the button when I click on this button. The one major difference I made in the installation was doing it with NTSF instead of Fat 32 thinking this would be more secure. I know the website has not changed because it works on my kids computer with XP. Is the NTFS causing a conflict for javascript? If so how can it be fixed? Why won't the print preview button work now? I also notice that more links on certain websites will not open when I click on them making me think I have multiple javascript errors. Anyone, please advise

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    first of all, I feel bad about your hard drive. it happened to me over the weekend, too. it didn't really crash, but something happened to it and I could not write to the harddrive via some apps. so i ended up wiping out the entire harddrive and re-installed everything from scratch. so i feel the pain.

    now, about the problem you have. Without knowing what the code does, I cannot tell you what the problem is. I dont think file system would make any difference to javascript, unless the script use some kind of fileobjects stuff, and NTFS may prevent the code from accessing the files due to its stronger security measures. I would recommend you to run the script as Administrator, and see if it would make a difference.

    having that said, the last thing I would like to point out is that JavaScript is very different from Java. You will probably get a more definitive answer if you post this message in the "Webs" forum instead of "Java" forum.

    my best wishes.

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