Informix to Sybase convertion, Extend function(informix) equalent in sybase

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Thread: Informix to Sybase convertion, Extend function(informix) equalent in sybase

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    Informix to Sybase migration, Extend function(informix) equalent in sybase

    We are migrating from informix to sybase and i need to convert the informix query to sybase . I have problem here , the informix query as follows

    SELECT extend(beg_time, year to fraction(5)),
    extend(end_time, year to fraction(5)) FROM TABLE_XXXX .

    this query will give the timestamp with microseconds . So i need to convert this to sybase . Is there any function in sybase to get the timestamp with the microseconds .

    The results from informix query is coming like this and i need to write a query in sybase get the results like this .

    99-07-01 08:45:01.00010

    Is there any function or some thing to get the timestamp like this in SQL query in sybase

    I would appriciate your help .
    Thanks in advance
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