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Thread: vb6 forms

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    vb6 forms

    [Originally posted by mark]

    I am currently writing an application which runs over 6 forms. The last form uses buttons to link back to a choice of the previous forms. All the forms run perfectly on the first pass. To show one of the previous forms I am using FORM6.HIDE, FORM5.SHOW. This just shows the forms as they were. I want to run the forms from scratch but dont know which commands to look for and what part of the code to put them in.

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    Re:vb6 forms

    [Originally posted by Tom McGeehan]

    You have a couple of options.

    Option One:
    use unload form6 rather than form6.hide.* This way though, you will need to capture any screen values that the user selected that you might need to know later prior to unloading the object.

    Option Two:
    write local methods for each form that will clear out or re-initialize each screen.* So you might have a routine called clearForm5, and your code might look like form6.hide, form5.clearForm5, form5.show.* I'm sure you get the idea.


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