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    ADODC and Remote Database locations

    [Originally posted by oliver bertrand]

    I am currently using Visual Basic 6 Sp6 and MS Access 2002.* I am writing a program which connects to the database if it is local, and remotely if needed.*

    It works great, only when I use a remote connection to the database, The recordset populates but the Controls do not update or refresh on screen.

    When I test it on my programming machine, everything works great, but once I try and run the program from a remote terminal (using Network places or mapped drive) I can run the program, I know the queries work, only the control boxes and datagrids are not refreshing.* Does anyone have a clue or solution?

    I haven't used Remote Data Access OCX before that is why I am using ADODC.* Any help will be greatly appreciated.* You can email me at the address up top.


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    Re:ADODC and Remote Database locations

    [Originally posted by win]

    Try typing "doevents" in your form where there are loopings and select of records. this happen when too much data are being retrieve... try it. hope it could solve ur prob......

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