java to an exe program

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Thread: java to an exe program

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    java to an exe program


    I need to use a simple java program in a windows system.
    The problem is I can't use java virtual machine in this windows system.
    One possible solution is to convert this java program to a windows program (***.exe) because I don't need the portability in this stand alone machine.
    Could any one tell me the way to do this.



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    Hello, jnunes17

    This is quite a popular question from time to time... To fully compile Java into native, platform dependent code you might like to have a look at Excelsior JET:

    I've not actually used it, but I had a look at a previous version about a year ago and it looked promising.

    Hopr this helps

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    Hi jnunes... as joyous monkey said, this is a very very tipical and frequent question... i was asking the same thing just 2 weeks ago... i had to do some serious research to find the solution... let me explain it to you.
    Why do you think Java is portable?? The answer is that the java compiler generates .class files that the JVM (Java Virtual Machine) interprets and runs... so as long as you have a computer with a JVM you can run a java program there... they are ways for compiling a java program to a native .exe, but the programs that do this for you are very expensive and they are almost never up to date with current java versions, besides you loose portability by doing this. So i found a pretty good solution, i think... as you donīt want to lose the portability of java and you still want that people can run your programs in their computers without needing something especial, that most of the times they wouldnīt know how to even install it, i recomend to you 2 programs. The first one: JSmooth (do some google to find it, i canīt remember the link now, sorry) is for small aplications that donīt need an installer or something fancy... this programs simply generates a .exe file from your .class files (of course, the computer that will be running the programs still needs the JVM) when no VM is available, it provides feed-back to the users,
    and can launch the default web browser to an URL that explains how
    to download a Java VM. Then you have the second program: Install Anywhere... this program creates an intaller for you and you have the option to include the JVM in your installer! so if the user has no JVM it doesnīt matter because it comes with your installer... i use this one for lager aplications. Hope this helps and it works for you as it worked for me... Cheers!

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    Thanks for that, doy2001... very interesting reading about those other programs. I shall add them to my list.

    JSmooth :

    InstallAnywhere :

    The InstallAnywhere is based on a trial usage. JSmooth is reeased under the GNU license.

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