I need to concatenate some file in a stream.
I'using SequenceInputStream and it work (if I write in a file using read method I can see the file concatenated).
But I see that there is a read(buf,offset,len) method that read "len" byte from stream and write them in a buf.
I have this problem:
1 file : len 10
2 file: len 5
3 file: len 8

So I read the file with FIleInputStream and insert them in a vector.
Vector v = new Vector();
v.add(new FileInputStream(PathFile1));
v.add(new FileInputStream(PathFile2));
v.add(new FileInputStream(PathFile3));
Enumeration e = v.elements();
SequenceInputStream ElencoFile = new SequenceInputStream(e);

so I have a Stream of len :23
ElencoFile.available() return 10 and not 23
If I use
in Buf I have only the first 10 byte (the stream of 1 file)
so I repeat this code for read all the stream

//read the first byte of stream
ElencoFile.read(Buf,Pos ,1);
//read the len of current stream
//read len byte

but I don't like this code.
is it possible read all byte of the stream white only 1 read?
my sequenceInputStream is very big
I'm not expert in java (I'm developing in .net) and this is my first program
thank you and sorry for my english