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Thread: Java3D plugin

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    Aug 2004

    Smile Java3D plugin


    I have 3 questions:

    1. Does Eclipse support import capability for AutoCAD DXF files ?.
    and What loader can I use ?
    2. Does Eclipse support Java3D API ?
    3. Does Eclipse have Java3D plug-in or Java3D module ?. I found that NetBeans has a Java3D module. Here is the link:


    I need to develop a web-3D semantic model (the 3D model that provide data or text information linked to Oracle database).

    Many thanks for your information..

    Yours truly,

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    Jun 2004


    1. What are you trying to accomplish when you "import"? What do you expect eclipse to do with them.

    2. You can use Java3D in eclipse just as you can 2D and Swing.

    3. Not that I know of. Should be able to convert the Swing one to use it from within Eclipse.

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    Aug 2004
    Dear Mnuttall..

    Here is the explanation of question no. 1 :

    Because recently the CAD applications are widely used in engineering practice. Like AutoCAD, ArchiCAD, etc. So, I've been thinking that if CAD's files can be exported to Eclipse, (most important are 3D coordinates, length, width, thickness which indicate the 3D object model) then, I probably can develop a programmatic 3D animation and or simulation model in Eclipse. I expect that Eclipse is a media/IDE to integrate those 2 functions (e.g, 3D modeling using Java3D, and simulation which is tied together with a database).

    The main idea is all users can modify the 3D simulation model in their client PC. Accordingly, all of the information data in database server are changed. Finally, the new data in database are sent back to clients' PC to visualize the new simulation process.

    I'll be very appreciative for your and any helper's comments, suggestions, or solutions to help solving my objective above.


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    That is what I figure. "Out of the box", Eclipse will not do that. Eclipse is nothing more that a Rich Client Platform (RCP) that comes with a few plugins (Java, CVS). You can get the Eclipse RCP that comes with just a platform to build applications. I've not seen a CAD plugin for Eclipse. Not that there is not one. If you think this is valuable, you might want to check into doing it your self. A lot of companies, orgs, individuals are either modifying or re-writing their apps to be plugins.

    Then again, are we talking about the same thing? I am talking about www.eclipse.org. Are you talking about http://www.eclipse3d.com ?

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