Forums only function correctly when used with etiquette and common sense. These rules and guidelines keep the quality of the discussion high. Users are required to follow these rules. Messages posted in violation of these rules may be removed, and, if necessary, repeat offenders may be blocked from the DevX forums.

Give your posts a descriptive subject
Posts with subjects like "Help!" or "VB Question" are more likely to be overlooked than messages with subjects like "VB6/DCOM Deployment Question" or "ADO: Passing Parameters to Stored Procedures."

Provide a detailed description of your problem
If possible, include a small code sample (no more than a dozen or so lines) that demonstrates the problem. Include the code in the body of your message.

If you're getting an error message, include the error number, the text of the message, and indicate which line of code causes the error. Be sure to specify which version(s) of VB, Windows, etc. you're using.

Use correct spelling and punctuation
POSTS IN ALL CAPS ARE CONSIDERED TO BE SHOUTING! msgs w/ xsive abbreviations or w/out capitalization or punctuation r difficult 2 understand.

Quote intelligently
If you're replying to a message, include enough of the original post to provide context, but please quote sparingly. Posts containing more quoted text than original content are annoying.

Be a "Good Neighbor"
Our goal is to build a "give-and-take" community composed of developers who both provide and receive assistance. Participants who behave as if the newsgroups exist solely for their individual benefit are likely to receive a lukewarm reception. On the other hand, you can expect to make many knowledgeable and cooperative acquaintances if you treat people here as you would your friends, neighbors, or co-workers: ask for assistance only after you've made a reasonable effort to solve a problem yourself, express appreciation for help received, and look for opportunities to help others.

Try to help yourself first
Please take a moment to use the search feature to make sure that there isn't an existing thread that answers the question you want to post. This helps us minimize redundant posts, and allows you to find a solution more quickly.

Homework help will be tolerated only if the poster shows significant interest and past effort in having worked on the problem already and questions are narrowly posed. It is acceptable to ask for help to get past a hurdle in your exercise, but do not post an exam question and expect the community to provide the answer.

Do not post the same message to multiple newsgroups
Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with all the forum topic areas and make sure that the forum you choose is the best one for your question. Frequently, your post may apply to more than one forum and, in these cases, use your best judgment to select the *one* forum that is most appropriate. "Crossposting" (posting the same message to multiple forums) is prohibited. This makes it difficult for others to follow a discussion and increases the likelihood that someone will waste time replying to a post that's already been answered in another forum.

Rewards and bounties are prohibited
It may be tempting to offer a cash prize to someone who will help you solve your problem, but please refrain. Any offer of a reward or bounty will be edited out by the moderators.

Be courteous
We want as many people as possible to benefit from these discussions and that means that replies should be posted to the groups for the benefit of the community. Please do not request that people e-mail their replies to you and refrain from sending unsolicited e-mail messages to others. When you solve a problem, post a message to let others know how you did so; someone else may benefit from your solution.

Finally, please read the Acceptable Use Policy, which has specific rules of conduct for use of these forums, including issues such as copyrighted material, advertising ("spam"), and abusive behavior. These rules are strictly enforced. We appreciate your cooperation.

We're glad you're here. Enjoy the forums!