Just wanted to know if the ASP Sesion ID is any different from a cookie that
you may create...

Also, can i use the XML solution for a single server and multiple clients,
i'm not sure how this is done.(even if just to get a little practice with

Thanks in advance,


"Lior Amar" <> wrote:
>Do you want a solution that works on a web farm or on one machine?
>One Machine solution (EVIL SOLUTION): Use the Session object that IIS
>exposes to you
>Farm Solution: Use a database to identify the user. Simple solution, have
>a GUID added to the URL and have that guid follow the user with every click.
>Once that is done all you need to do is create a simple way to store the
>info in a DB (I recommend creating an XML document with all the info).
>OSTnet does exactly that and we XMLify (I know geeky word) all the info

>user has and have it follow through. Our XML property bag engine will be
>available for download on the site shortly to all members.
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>"Sean" <> wrote in message
>> Hi
>> How do i get a temporary session id for the time a user navigates a

>> I need to capture all the information (assume user checks a particular

>> box, a specific radio button, etc) and store it in a database. I guess

>> need a session variable for the entire time he's navigating the site.
>> Need help with this soon! Thanks.
>> -- Sean.