This is one of those weird ones; the type that makes you think about full
moons and black cats and bad karma.

Error I get is: "380 Invalid Property Value" raised ("passively") from my
activeX control. In other words, it's not a VBScript error, it's a VB error
coming from my control, but it's not raised specifically by the code in my

When it happens: THIS IS THE WEIRD PART. So far, ONLY on two machines.
Client-side VBScript that, on certain events, sets the style.display = "block"
on my control to make it visible. The weird part is that it only happens
when the user is logged into the machine. If I log into the same machine

The page has the same control instantiated perhaps 12 times on it and the
other instances of it work fine; only where the control is initially hidden
(display="none" at startup) and then shown (display="block") does the error
occur, and again, ONLY for these two users, if THEY are logged onto the box.

I've got dozens of users out there using the page with no problems and in
fact, one of the users has been using it with no problems until just yesterday.
All the users are running the same version of IE (5.0.2304) on the same
version of NT (v4 sp5).

I've removed the control from the Downloaded Program Files folder and then
reinstalled it (by visiting the page), but that did not help.

Would whether the user has administrative rights to the box make some sort
of difference here? I don't have a clue why or even if this is the deal,
but why would it matter if I was logged into the machine or if the user was?
This is soooo weird!!

Some info on the control itself: The control has a VB combo box constituent
control along with a VB text box control (that occupy the same space). When
the control gets focus, the combo box is changed from a drop-down combo to
a simple combo (I believe that's the property) so that it will show the first
10 or 12 entries in the box and the text box is positioned over the top part
of it for the user to key in (When the user keys, the accumulated value of
the text box is used to postion the listindex of the combo box to the closest
match (instead of using the combo box itself for the keystroke since combo
boxes don't allow you to accumulate strokes for the search)).

Sorry for the novel here, but getting an answer would seem to require as
much info as I could provide since this seems to be such a strange situation.

Thanks for any insight anyone can provide!